I coach
hard working Professional Women
ready to up-level their lives.

Professional Women ready to stop living in overwhelm.

Professional Women ready to be more present in their own lives and relationships.

Professional Women ready to grow, transform and thrive, in all aspects of their lives! 

We all want to
feel better!

But what does that "feeling better" actually mean?

You are longing to get rid of that constant overwhelm that runs your life.

You want to feel calm, in control and present.

You want to feel more joy, and to have more fun.

You want to feel more confident in your
professional life.

You want to feel more at ease in your parenting.

You want to take better care of yourself.

With increased awareness of how we THINK
we can create change in any part of our life.

Making change in our lives is not about forcing ourselves to think in a certain way.

It’s about understanding why we are currently thinking the way we are and then deciding if that thinking is serving us or if we want to shift that thinking.

If we stop thinking in one way,
it opens the door to
thinking differently and
that is where all our power lies. 

We are all humans with human brains.
80% of our thoughts are negative,
and 95% of them are repetitive.

We still predominantly think from our primitive brain,
which had the goal of SURVIVAL.

Our primitive brain wants
to seek pleasure, avoid pain, and
stay safe or be efficient. 

But... we also have this really evolved part of our brain. (Thank goodness!!)

The evolved portion of our brain allows us to consciously think.

And that’s our super power!

How we think impacts how we feel.

If we want to feel better, we first need to know what thinking is driving
how we currently feel, and then we can consider the option of thinking in a new way. 

Sounds simple right?

It is simple, but it's not always easy.
The years of thinking the way we do now are like really well worn paths
through a forest, they feel so easy they are nearly automatic.

Thinking differently is like having to create a new path
through a heavily treed forest.

The good news is that we actually can slow down those automated
ways of thinking because our evolved brains are incredibly powerful,
but this does take some effort.

Are you willing to put in some effort?

What might you gain by letting go of those well
automated patterns of thinking?

Consider ...for example

What will happen if you keep holding on tightly to the belief that
“work comes before play”?

What will happen if you keep holding on tightly to the belief that
“a good mom always puts their kids first”?

What will happen if you keep holding on tightly to the belief that
“good friends always help out when asked”?

We have so many thoughts that are
just “rules” and we don’t even question these "rules".

Who made up those rules anyways?

Do we really want those rules
to be in charge of our lives?

Good question, eh?

Who do you want to be in charge of your life?

I hope it's you!!
Why do I Coach?

You might think it’s weird that a doctor, with a
full time job she loves, is also a Life Coach.

It comes down to this… I want to help more people.
I think Coaching is an incredibly valuable tool
that EVERYONE should have access to.

There are so many incredibly high functioning people in our world who look like things are going well from the outside,
yet on the inside, things aren't so good.

They feel like their relationships are suffering, they can’t parent the way they want to, they are distressed about their futures, constantly worried and overwhelmed, wanting to make changes and they just can’t. They feel sad, overwhelmed, frustrated, defeated, and are just trying to keep it together; just managing to get by each day.  

For these people, life feels way harder than
it looks from the outside.

These are humans. Humans like you and I. 

Humans with brains that don’t always serve us. 

Humans whose primitive brains run wild in the hectic moments of life and make things more challenging than they need to be. 

I am Coach, because I am a human, with the same
primitive brain as everyone else.

I am an equal to you.

I am limited in the same ways you are by the recurrent
automated thought patterns of my primitive brain.
~I've just learned to question those  thoughts!

I think it’s time we all accepted our human brains.
We need to increase our awareness of our unconscious thinking, and activate the intentional thinking that our evolved brains are capable of — it’s our super power. 

What exactly is Life Coaching?

Coaching is simply a tool. The kind of Coaching I do focuses on increasing your awareness of how your thinking impacts the way you feel and show up in your life.

My coaching helps you look compassionately at the way you think now and how that thinking is impacting your current experiences, and with the goal of being more intentional with your thinking so that you can create the life you really want.

I don't know what you want in life, but I can tell you for certain that you are
much more likely to get it if you think in a way that serves you.

Who is Life Coaching for?

Anyone who wants to change something in their life.

That might be wanting to feel less overwhelmed, more connected, less judgemental,
more confident, maybe less worried, or more compassionate.

Maybe it's reaching a goal, improving a relationship, or even starting or stopping a habit.

Anything you want to change in your life can be explored through Coaching.

Coaching is for those who are ready to put in a little work to create the
incredible change they want in their life. 

Who is Life Coaching not for?

Coaching is not for those who are not ready to
give up their past.
When I Coach, we do not sit and wallow in the past.
We accept the past, we are curious about the past, but we do not stay there.
We focus on your now, with compassion for your past,
and then purposefully move forward.

Coaching is not for you if you are not ready to take a compassionate but serious look at your role in creating the life you have and want, and the power of your thinking.

Coaching is also not for people who are currently suffering from mental health concerns , are experiencing suicidal ideation or have a significant trauma history that has not been treated by trained medical professional.
Although I am a physician, I am not your physician and Carol Mills MD. Life Coaching is not a medical entity and in no way should anything on this site or in any of my programs or courses be considered as medical advice,
nor constitute a patient-physician relationship.

If you are suffering from mental health concerns like depression, suicidal thoughts or have a
significant history of trauma, please reach out to your
health care team for appropriate care.

Coaching is not counselling.